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In 1990, the Joseph H. Thompson was converted to an articulated tug/barge with self-unloading capacity. At this time we looked at the various connection systems available. After reviewing the different systems offered and finding them lacking in many features, we decided to develop, design and install our own system. This unit has been in operation for 10 years now and has not yet had to break out of the notch and tow on a hawser. Although this first connector’s performance has exceeded our expectations, as operators/owners we have made many improvements in technical design, operational ease, safety, and maintenance.

VTB's subsidiary All Purpose Marine Products ("APMP") can show you how our Hydraconn system will save your company money on repair and maintenance costs for many years. We are proud of this project conceived, designed and completed in-house. Prior to this, conveyor systems of all self-unloading vessels on the Great Lakes were electrically powered. The Joseph H. Thompson’s conveyor system was the first to be hydraulically driven. This has proven to have many economic and operational advantages.

In 1997 VTB's subsidiary All Purpose Marine Products ("APMP") installed a Hydraconn connector on the tug Undaunted for Lake Michigan Car Ferry Company.

In 1999 we installed Hydraconn on the 7200 H.P. twin z-drive tug Dorothy Ann. Our last installation was on the 8000 H.P. twin screw tug Jane Ann IV.

Hydraconn, our ATB coupler system, was developed over these years of operating and engineering experience. We think our knowledge and expertise in marine hydraulic applications has enabled us to build what we consider to be one of the safest, most efficient and reliable coupler systems available today.

Hydraconn, our ATB coupler system

The economics of fuel and labor cost require modernization of your fleet.
Our marine products have been in development for ten years, responding to the necessity for maximal efficiency and minimal operating costs.

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